Tantric Bodywork for Men

Tantric Bodywork is a tool that supports you in unraveling tension, discomfort, old patterns, sexual wounds and trauma. These deeply healing and empowering sessions open men to greater alignment with their unique essence as men. At varela's Secret, we create a safe space where you can feel, open and embrace your sacred kundalini energy.

These sessions are also appropriate for men who may not be looking to heal underlying issues. Some clients come to receive the benefits of loving touch and deep bodywork to help release tension from the physical body, which is itself healing and beneficial.

Through tantric rituals, conscious touch and conversation, we create a relaxed and natural relationship to the body, sexuality and intimacy. You will reach a deep level of self-insight to the point where any mental, physical or energetic blockages are removed.

Themes typically addressed include decreased or lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature, delayed or absent ejaculation and orgasm problems, decreased sensitivity, problems with intimacy or physical contact. and master sexual energy. You will be supported, inspired and provided with tools to lead a healthier and happier love life.

What to Expect.

Tantric Bodywork is essentially a full body massage ( incl lingam)using long, flowing strokes, working with your kundalini energy. It invites you to relax into your sensual side and by staying attentively focused on pleasure through breathwork, you open up new ways and possibilities in your own body.

During the massage, you can expect soothing touch, taking in the generated energy and moving it throughout your body, connecting all parts of you. You can feel your whole body tingling with orgasmic pleasure.

Given on futon

Price: €260 - 2 hours ( including shower one interview)