Why not be tempted to a sensual massage of a much higher level ?

Do you dare to take on this challenge ?

If you think you have experienced all the tantric healings, and want just that little bit more....

Then I can tell you that this experience goes much further, in a search for your sensual experience.

This session is a journey, an experience, a unique experience, of a very different level than you have ever experienced.

Here you will be challenged, teased, push your limits, but always in a playful and challenging way, and always respectful.

From the moment you come in, you have a little conversation with me beforehand. Here we discuss certain matters. Always in full confidence. Afterwards, the unforgettable journey begins.

You are immersed in a world of the tantric and mystic. Your visual perceptions are taken away and your mobility is reduced. An experience you have never experienced before.

To book this session, it is best to experience it first, by having experienced my Sensual Touch Massage prior.

Price 300€ - 2 hours (includes shower and conversation).