FAQ and regulations at Varela's Secret

What is the difference between Tantric Healing Massage and Sensual Touch Massage

"Tantric Healing Massage " includes meditation, breath work, delicate caresses that wrap over and under the body and provides gentle and deep tissue massage. This session is recommended for people who have never experienced massage before.

This style of massage includes no lingam /yoni massage and is performed on a futon mat where the practitioner is fully clothed.

A "Sensual Touch Massage" includes breathing techniques, delicate caresses, gentle to deep rhythmic massage all over the body, including lingam / yoni. It is performed on a futon mat by your practitioner wearing appropriate clothing.


You don't need a partner to practice Tantra. In fact, the practice can only be done by harmonizing your inner masculine and feminine energy. Like dancing, we can do it alone or with a partner. With a partner, however, there is the opportunity to increase the power and enjoyment of the practice together.

But if you would feel the need to experience this with partner, I refer you to my site where I perform couple massage.


Tantra can improve your balance and connection by learning to connect with yourself, which allows for healing and a better understanding of who you are and how you became the way you are today. This means that those who are victims of sexual trauma may be able to find at least part of the solution to recovery through Tantra sessions. Our practitioners are trauma-informed and experienced in dealing with clients who have carried trauma since childhood. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive space in which you can express yourself and feel safe in your vulnerability so that you can heal and clear any blockages, shame and pain that you are holding onto due to events from your past.

A gentle approach here is very important before going deeper with Tantra sessions. So we recommend that you attend several sessions. It is important to choose a practitioner here that you feel comfortable and safe with. Because everything is handled very confidentially between us. Feel free to book a discovery session with either of us to see if you feel comfortable during this very intense journey.


You can opt for a "Sensual Touch Massage." This session involves two practitioners, meaning both partners can relax and receive at the same time. (Can choose in the same room or a separate room)

Can we get a massage as a couple in the same room?

This can be done in the same room; However, we recommend that couples not experience the session in the same room for the first time, as we have experienced that this disrupts the peace, the experience, the stillness, the ZEN being. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to discuss this in advance.

Am I unfaithful to my partner if I experience a tantra session or massage ?

No. A tantra session or massage with us is a unique experience to deepen your sense of who you really are and awaken your potential. Our massages have a set framework and our masseuses are very professional and present with all their heart. We have a great respect for your privacy and our own. We are here to provide inspiration, knowledge, new experiences and insight into your own potential. You will discover that a session with us can greatly enrich your couple relationship and inspire more love and intimacy in your daily life.

Is the therapist naked during the session?

No; always with appropriate clothing. Also discussed on my site by session.

Only during mystic and consensual massage can the giver be naked if they are comfortable with this.

Does tantra session or massage equal prostitution?

No. It is not possible to touch the therapist, nor is it possible to purchase additional erotic "services. A tantra session or massage with us has a very clearly defined setting, allowing the guest to meet his or her true sensual and ecstatic self.

Can tantra sessions or massages replace medical treatment? Can at Varela's Secret help me with questions about health?

No, we strongly recommend that you always consult your own physician regarding any health issues you may have. We cannot take responsibility for physical or mental problems that may occur if our guests do not follow their doctor's instructions or conceal them from us.

How often should you come for tantric session or massage or any other therapy?

You can come for massage or other therapy as often or as infrequently as you wish. If you are working with specific problems or pursuing a particular goal, discuss it with us in advance and we will take care of you and help you through the process you are going through, offering you continuity.

How far in advance should you book a session?

Normally with us it is possible to offer time for an individual massage within the week, but if you have special needs, for example want to book a couples massage, it is better to book a week in advance.

It is not possible to just show up. You must reserve a time in advance.

How do I know if I am ready for a tantric session or massage

Actually, you are always ready for a tantric session or a massage, because tantra always starts where you are. A tantric session or a massage offers you the opportunity to relax for a while to receive love and conscious sensual touch. But sometimes your mind can easily think that there is something in particular that you need to "be" or "do" before you come for such a massage, and this can create doubts in you whether you are ready. You are welcome to call us and ask us questions if you are not sure if you are ready.

How old do you need to be for tantra sessions or massage or other therapy at Varela's Secret?

We are happy to give our treatment to all ages 21 and up. Our current age record is 86, but feel free to try to break the record 🙂 .

What if man or if woman experiences pleasure during massage and orgasm, should I hold back?

Our experience is that women react very differently during massages than they do versus a man, and also that the same woman can experience many different reactions and emotions both during the same massage and from one massage to the next. You may also experience that during the massage you go directly from a feeling of sadness to a feeling of deep pleasure, or to a feeling of shame. This is not a problem for us, feel free to let all your emotions run wild without suppressing anything. If you feel desire or pleasure during the massage, you can feel safe to express it. You will experience that the masseuse remains focused in loving giving but stays within the norms and values of a tantric massage. No matter how much desire or pleasure you feel, you can be completely assured that the massage will not suddenly turn into something else.

Also, you need to know that you are welcome to be with whoever you are or feel. Finally, it is also important to understand that there is no "goal" in the massage, which means that there are no expectations created or that you MUST not experience orgasm nor is there a rule that says you should NOT experience orgasms. In our opinion, you are exactly as you should be with all the feelings you will experience during the massage.

Hygiene is very important in our practice

We maintain perfect hygiene and expect the same from you. There is a very nice shower available which should always be used before the massage.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations within 48 hours are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Not to use alcohol or drugs when you come and in our practice

Our services are a way to relax. You are not expected to perform during the sessions, so there is no reason to drink alcohol or use any supportive substance beforehand.


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Currently we have something special for the bride. Namely during the bachelor night for women, we can give a workshop where we will teach the women tantra and rituals and massages, in order to better spoil their partner in the future.


Our masseuses are not responsible for any losses, damage to persons or equipment and cannot be responsible for medical problems.