Tantric Bodyworks for Couples

Are you longing for a blissful, Godly Relationship? Are you ready to rise in love? Do you want to build a sacred bridge between your heart and the heart of your beloved? To completely disappear into Oneness ? And co-create a magical life together?

If so, then tantric bodywork for couples is for you.

There is tremendous power in the practice of tantric bodywork between two people; to achieve a depth of oneness that is unlike anything else.

Love is healing and to spend time we will go deeper into your sacred love to heal the power of childhood traumas and past wounds, and distorted sexual patterns. To bring you closer to yourself and your partner than you can ever imagine.

Your session will be intensely exciting and awakening, leading you to places of explosion, evolution and healing. You will learn skills about each other's sexuality that reveal what you are truly capable of sexually, energetically and spiritually.

What can Tantric Bodywork do for your relationship?

In short, tantric Bodywork for couples can open you up to deeper levels of intimacy; body, mind and spirit.

Other benefits include:

  • Better communication, especially around those "heated" topics that often cause arguments.
  • Learn rituals to create magical space together, away from everyday reality.
  • Discover the secrets of tantric sexuality and how to take your sex life to a whole new level.
  • Help each other heal old traumas and negative past experiences.
  • Discover how to share your shadow self, your dark side and your hidden desires in a way that feels safe for both of you (without rejection), helps you become authentic and takes your sexuality to a whole new level.
  • Learn how to become a master lover, with different ways to touch and connect.(full body massage -yoni -lingam)
  • Discover how Tantric Bodywork allows your kundalini energy to flow through your whole body.
  • Worship each other as the living God and Goddess that you are (even if you don't realize it yet!)

Price €500

Time: 4 hours (shower and talks included)

Given by Diana