Sensual Touch Massage

Would you like to experience unparalleled sensual touch for once? This session embodies your sacred sexual energy through this Sensual Touch Massage. Let the session expand your awareness, relaxation and receptivity. It is a different way to look at life, to let go of control, to surrender and gently relax into your whole being, and to do so in the present moment.

This massage goes deeper and deeper from the physical to the subtle layers of the body, integrating and transforming all the emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. It balances your feminine and masculine energy and as a result something in your body awakens. This is the essence of Kundalini power. In this way there is a truly deep and intimate connection that transforms, integrates and heals.

This is a connection back to yourself. Whether it's feeling, or exploration, or holistic orgasmic bliss, receiving these techniques and body control is a choice you make and how far you want to go in this. We are here together to support with you. This session includes a full body massage (yoni/lingam). For aftercare, I encourage you to expose your wounds and limiting beliefs to me that you have held onto over the years. This can heal wounds through writing, drawing, thinking or physical activities.

You are welcome to choose this session which is performed on a futon mat on the floor with the practitioner in comfortable clothing.

Price €220 - 1.5 hours (including shower and conversation)